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   The Graveyard Girls

Hey we're the Graveyard Girls! It appears you've stumbled into our cosy crypt.

Natasha and Amelia are two women from England who started this podcast as complete amateurs in early 2022. The late night ramblings during their graveyard shift at work inspired them to record their strange and macabre stories which they felt might capture an audience and provide a little entertainment and escape from the mundane daily life.

Each episode we'll look into a variety of cases including true crime, historical and royalty mysteries, witch trials, cults and folklore, as well as scientific mysteries, space and all round unusual happenings.

Stay tuned in 2024 as we continue to grow and work on new content so Keep Creepin'.

Greyscale Landscape

As well as our true crime podcast we've also released a science fiction type of podcast called Hidden In the Hollows. Before we started The Graveyard Girls we began writing together, as writing has been a passion for Natasha but lacked the confidence to begin it on her own then one night the idea of writing together popped up we jumped at the chance. That original idea fell through but the Graveyard Girls were born. The need to write was still there so Natasha had the idea to start a fictional podcast and the two of us have blended our story ideas together and come up with something quite weird.

Coming Soon

Episode one will cover two true crimes cases.


The Icons

The icons on our cover art represent things we'll cover on The Graveyard Girls.

Crown- Royalty

Knife- True Crime

Ghost- The Paranormal

Crystal Ball- Cults/Seances

Witches hat- Witches + Witchcraft

Skull- Mysterious Deaths

Horse Skull- Ancient History

Book- History

Saturn- Science + Space Mysteries

Alien- UFOs

Grave Yard.jpg

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